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I had THE CRUD last week. THE CRUD consisted of stuffed sinuses, green junk in the nose and lungs, and a nice, hacking cough. It was bad. I was sorry to miss Chansons de Sacred Stone, the baronial business meeting and the canton business meeting, but you didn't want me there. Really. I missed a class Thursday and a meeting with the dean, with whom I had left a VM that I was sick and needed to cancel. She replied back saying she was scared to call me, as she was afraid she would catch it over the phone I sounded so bad.

So I basically lost a week there. I laid on the couch and played WoW.

Today was my first day back at RCCC. I had to help a student connect to blackboard and his email this morning - it took us an hour and change. Why this student has not yet had the mandatory computer class I do not know. You are supposed to have to take it the first or second semester you are there. I'm wondering if they are still testing you on this when you take your entrance tests. They were...

My boss wants me to crawl around and plug in some new calculators we got. She's less flexible than me, so I'm the plug / cord monkey.

Tonight I am in my Visual Basic class. I have had the Java class, and the eCommerce class, so this is just the same. Just different syntax. But, since I am taking this course out of order (I should have taken this one first), he is going much slower than I need. So I have some down time...

Which means I can update LJ!

Let go.

Jan. 2nd, 2008 06:26 pm
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I was let go this afternoon. While I am unhappy about it, I am also angry. Because they could not give me a reason why they fired me. Now, North Carolina is an at-will state; an employer can hire and fire whomever they want as they see fit. My direct supervisor was not even in the meeting in which they fired me, it was only the office manager and a partner in the company. The reason, according to them, was that I has been told before that I needed to ask more questions, I said that I had asked more questions. They replied that they weren't sure why I was being fired. When Liz, the office manager helped mean clean out my office, I said to her once again that I didn't understand, especially since I got a good review a few months ago.


I know that they don't have to tell me why, and knowing that why would make me no less unemployed, but it would make me feel better, that's for sure.
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Well, I am sitting here at work, blowing my nose every few minutes or so... I managed to catch the office crud. I stayed home Monday because my sinuses where just FULL and I managed to go through 2 boxes of Kleenex.

Geoff and I went to see Van Halen Saturday night in Greensboro. It was totally awesome! David Lee Roth still has it, running back and forth across the stage and doing high kicks. Even though the arena had all these no smoking signs posted, I still managed to get a contact buzz...

I sent in my reservation for Winter Soltice the other day. It looks like it will be a great event! I am really excited about it. I convinced Geoff to go with me, so now we both need new clothes for it. Since it is Italian, I have to make a new Italian. I've got two months, and I think I can do it. We shall see, anyway. I will have to look it up when I get home and see if the event is Venetian or Florentine... I am thinking Venetian...

I will probably be daytripping to WOWII. Still uncertain at this point if I can make it or not.

Work is going ok. There is some interal strife going on, but that always seems to be going on, so...
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Quick question - my boss's daughter is going off to college soon. Coworkers are putting together a basket for her. How much is appropriate to contribute?
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Today has been a "put out the fires" type day, and I am tired. I don't mind putting out fires, and with my clients, fires tend to crop up, but today has just been one of those days...

On top of that, I am stressing over school, as it starts Thursday. I think I've gotten the financial aid in place. That's been the most stressful, I think, because I have not had to do that before. However, everything seems to be in place...

Also, I got new living room furniture! You can see the items here. I got a sleeper sofa and love seat in the hydra(blue) color, and I also got a chaise lounge on a chocolate color brown, which is not on the website. It looks good.

We also splurged and got a Wii. I am loving the Wii!

I should get back to work now...
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That's right folks, spring break is here, no school till next week. So much copious spare time. Ok, not really since corporate tax returns are due March 15. Not that I am preparing any, but work is really busy. I put in about 6 hours today. And I am tired.

I am really sleepy now, so off to bed with me. Maybe I will post more tomorrow...
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Well, things have been busy. I've been given a big project at work, which is really cool and exciting, but has all the stress of a big project that I've never done before. Then one of my night classes was canceled, so now I have to take it during the day, leaving the office for two hours twice a week. Not really what I wanted to do. But it's not too bad. Then I get online tonight and go through my online orientation for my two internet classes, and find that only one of them is listed. So when I go to drop/add tomorrow to add the day class for my canceled night one, I can let them know about the missing class. And to top it all off, we're going to have to fire the payroll girl at work. She's making too many mistakes and needs too much help, and so people are getting messed up checks, which makes us look bad as a firm.

I really do like my job though! :) Just a lot hitting me at once.

Axel put in the announcement for the Saint Urho's Tourney today! Hurrah! That's always a fun event.

I think I need a new icon for my work ramblings...

Ooooo! And I am getting business cards! Never had those before...
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Turns out working on Saturdays during tax season is mandatory, so I got home at 5:30 today.

I'll have more later, although I did get around to loading a character on Lothar, so how do I hook up with you all?
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Well, I am sitting here at work bored out of my mind. Our network has been running slow all day, so a query that would take maybe 30 seconds at the most is now taking 10-15 minutes. I think it's just that the server needs to be rebooted, but the other "IT"* person is away from the office, so we'll do it when he gets back. I'm an "IT" person too, and he could have told me how to do it over the phone, but he said the server sometimes has "issues" when coming up from a reboot.

*We're just "IT" people in the sense that we know a lot about computers. We do okay, although we have a computer tech firm on call if we need them. They're just $90 an hour...
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P0rn-boy was fired, for having inappropriate things on his computer, and doing inappropriate things in his office. I, as the only other person in the office who knows anything about computers, got to delete everything from his machine. There was a lot of p0rn on that machine. And a lot of p0rn programs downloaded, which came with extra spyware. So I had to reformat the harddrive, because I could not get everything off. We had to do this to his computer back in July, because of the same thing. By then it was so bad it wouldn't boot properly, we couldn't even go into safemode with networking. I also had to go through his office, and make sure we kept what papers needed to be kept and so forth. There were letters from ADP (payroll company) from January that had not been opened and scanned into the file system. *headdesk* Because he was so busy...

And my homeowners association needs its butt kicked. We just spent 30 minutes at the last association meeting telling everyone that there would be no more special assessments, and now the board is talking about a new assessment. There are two of us on the board, myself included, who feel that it is unnecessary now. Unfortunately, the board has 5 members, so we are in the minority. We've been here a year, and have been assessed over $1000 for various things, not including our annual fee (the only fee we knew about before buying the house). So, because I disagreed with the President, and said we as a neighborhood didn't need this assessment right now, he threw it in my face because I am not current with my assessments, and said my opinion doesn't matter. Not real happy right now with the board...
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We went to dance practice tonight. Only a few people showed, which was disappointing. I brought my husband with me, in the hopes he would socialize and maybe even try to dance one dance. Of course he didn't. I just wish he'd try, y'know? Instead, he sat there reading a book. I get frustrated, because he' told me before he's had fun at events, but he has to be drug to them. He's always encouraging me to try new foods and other things, and I do. But he won't even do Maltese Bransle or anything.

It can be very frustrating being married to someone who doesn't like the SCA.

Also, they started to dredge the pond in my neighborhood the other day. It looks like crap, and not anything what the legal agreement stated. So know we get to fight with them more over this. Great...

But my work is still going well, and I really love it. Accounting is AWESOME!!!

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