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Chewy, my boy cat, my sweetie snuggler, is at the Vets. He's been there since yesterday, and will hopefully be coming home tomorrow. I took him to the emergency clinic Sunday night, as it had finally clicked that he had been hiding for two days under the bed, and wasn't acting right. Sure enough, he had a UTI, so he got a shot of antibiotics, fluids, and some antibiotic pills. They weren't able to get a very good urine sample. Monday he hides, Tuesday he hides, and I decided to take him up to our regular vet. Between the waiting room and the exam room, he managed to pee himself (poor baby!) and they got a good urine sample. It had some lovely bacteria, blood and pus in it. So he's at Kitty Summer Camp recouping. There they can monitor him better than I can, since it's only him.

It's been eye opening how much I miss him, and how used to his presence I am.

This is just making me so sad. I hope he feels better...

I went today for my first psych evaluation for the gastric bypass. It was weird, only in the sense that for once, I didn't feel like I was being shrinked. That's good. :) Dr. Lilly was very nice, and we talked for an hour, and then I took a 156 questions test, all true/false. Of course, I didn't get a wink of sleep last night, worried about this thing. We also made a decision about carpet color for the house, so that's cool.

I miss my Chewy-cat.

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