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We went to dance practice tonight. Only a few people showed, which was disappointing. I brought my husband with me, in the hopes he would socialize and maybe even try to dance one dance. Of course he didn't. I just wish he'd try, y'know? Instead, he sat there reading a book. I get frustrated, because he' told me before he's had fun at events, but he has to be drug to them. He's always encouraging me to try new foods and other things, and I do. But he won't even do Maltese Bransle or anything.

It can be very frustrating being married to someone who doesn't like the SCA.

Also, they started to dredge the pond in my neighborhood the other day. It looks like crap, and not anything what the legal agreement stated. So know we get to fight with them more over this. Great...

But my work is still going well, and I really love it. Accounting is AWESOME!!!

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