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My MacroEconomics teacher should be beat about the head. We were supposed to have a test Friday. We're all there, waiting. Teacher shows up, decides to give us a take home test. Doesn't hand it out that day, says he will email it to us Sunday morning. Good thing I don't have anything planned. Get the email this morning, 26 multiple choice, 3 short answer. No prob, right? Except he included the answer sheet for the multiple choice. So another email a few minutes later saying not to do the multiple choice, just the 3 short answer. That was our test, 3 questions. Each one now worth 33.333333% of the test grade. Argh! I don't have a problem with short answer usually, but this guy never really states what he wants. Like this:

For full credit, please be precise and show a systematic answer.


Please make sure your analysis is deep and complete and accompanied with graphs.

I think I'm mostly annoyed because I really needed to spend today on another project that is due Friday.

We went to Lowe's tonight, to get some dirt and mulch. We got more than we needed, plus three pots of Day lilies. I love Day lilies! These are a pinkish/yellowish color. We seem to go to Lowe's so often these days. Must be that owning your own home thing...

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