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This week has been a nightmare. While a lot of my stress went away as school and work stopped for the winter break, my stress level has been elevated again. Mostly it is the normal Christmas stresses appearing. But then there was last weekend.

Last Friday, as I was running laundry, the kitchen sink started to gurgle. I monitored it, but ignored it, as I had other things to do. As Geoff and I were taking showers Saturday evening, it happened again. So we searched on the internet - either we had a clog, or the tank was full. We have lived in the house for over 3 years now, the tank theoretically could be full, but it shouldn't be. Sunday, things were getting worse, so we dumped a bunch of Draino down the two most likely drains to clog - the kitchen sink and the master shower. Nothing changed.

So Monday I managed to catch my neighbor at home - he owns Carolina Pipe Cleaning and he and his wife are fantastic people. He said either the tank was full (and it shouldn't be) or the problem was with the drain field (which would be expensive to fix). He said he would put us on his schedule for pumping.

When a septic system stops working, everything water related does also. I could not was dishes or run laundry. We could not shower Tuesday evening. Heck, we couldn't even flush toilets. We're still debating which is worse, no electricity or no septic.

Anyway, our septic system was pumped yesterday and guess what they found - a 6 ft by 4 ft by 3 ft mass of solidified toilet paper floating on top of the septic tank. That's right, 72 cubic feet of solid toilet paper. The septic guy had to use his shovel to break up some of it so the vacuum could suck it up. At least it was a cheaper fix than fixing the drain field would have been.

So, I should be running mass loads of laundry, but I am now just sitting on my butt, watching Blackadder I, relaxing.

*Five bonus points for anyone who guesses what movie this is from?...
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My MacroEconomics teacher should be beat about the head. We were supposed to have a test Friday. We're all there, waiting. Teacher shows up, decides to give us a take home test. Doesn't hand it out that day, says he will email it to us Sunday morning. Good thing I don't have anything planned. Get the email this morning, 26 multiple choice, 3 short answer. No prob, right? Except he included the answer sheet for the multiple choice. So another email a few minutes later saying not to do the multiple choice, just the 3 short answer. That was our test, 3 questions. Each one now worth 33.333333% of the test grade. Argh! I don't have a problem with short answer usually, but this guy never really states what he wants. Like this:

For full credit, please be precise and show a systematic answer.


Please make sure your analysis is deep and complete and accompanied with graphs.

I think I'm mostly annoyed because I really needed to spend today on another project that is due Friday.

We went to Lowe's tonight, to get some dirt and mulch. We got more than we needed, plus three pots of Day lilies. I love Day lilies! These are a pinkish/yellowish color. We seem to go to Lowe's so often these days. Must be that owning your own home thing...
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Well, lessee... Two weekends ago we moved on Saturday, got the house mostly set up Sunday. Then Geoff was at work all week, I was at school all week, the boys were getting used to their new school (which is further ahead academically). Then the weekend came 'round and we got the rest of the crud out of the old house, and Sunday my Nanna came down to visit the new house. She's staying with my parents in Walkertown. And she was not taking her Lasics again... She's supposed to take 80 mg a day, then skip a day. She had started to take them 40 mg one day, 20 the next, which isn't enough of a push to get the extra fluid out, so she was swelling again. But my mom has her back on them now. It's not that she forgets or anything, she just wants to take them her way.

And then it was another week of work/school/school...

I had a business law test tonight, accounting 1 test Monday, Federal Income tax test Wednesday, Management test Wednesday, and an English paper due Thursday.

I am so tired...
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We have to write a comparative paper. I am going to compare ancient and medieval sexuality, with my teacher's blessing, so I will be hopefully moving one step closer to that research-paper-that's-yet-to-be...

The house is coming along slowly. Still a lot to put away...
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WE ARE HOMEOWNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll post more tomorrow when I am more coherent...
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It's been a busy week. We close on the house 9/7, and move 9/10. I won't be at SSBB after all... We're trying to pack. I've got homework, the kids have homework, and Geoff is busy picking up all the slack. Hopefully we'll be able to pack more this weekend.

We had the house inspection today, and it went well. The inspector found nothing major, mostly some bonehead mistakes and cosmetic things. But there was a couple of hours I needed to be doing other things... Oh well. I cannot wait until we move!

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