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Today has been a "put out the fires" type day, and I am tired. I don't mind putting out fires, and with my clients, fires tend to crop up, but today has just been one of those days...

On top of that, I am stressing over school, as it starts Thursday. I think I've gotten the financial aid in place. That's been the most stressful, I think, because I have not had to do that before. However, everything seems to be in place...

Also, I got new living room furniture! You can see the items here. I got a sleeper sofa and love seat in the hydra(blue) color, and I also got a chaise lounge on a chocolate color brown, which is not on the website. It looks good.

We also splurged and got a Wii. I am loving the Wii!

I should get back to work now...

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