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One of my regulars, the Goggle lady (see this entry) needed to put down her instructor's name as she signed in. She said she could not remember his name, "because it was one of those Eastern European names, and who the heck can remember those?" She wrote Mr. W in the teacher's name spot on our sign in sheet.

I, being the good person that I am (and to keep our records up to date), look in the directory for Mr. W's name. No Eastern European name that start with W. So I pull up the fall schedule of courses, because they list names when they can.

Mr. Pleszewski is her teacher. She couldn't even get the first letter right of a teacher she has seen 2 or 3 times a WEEK since AUGUST.

This moment of tutoring brought to you by Sarah GROCHOSKI (pronounced Gro-husky) --> which is a Polish last name, and therefore Eastern European.
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One of my regulars is an older lady in her early sixties. This has been her first semester using a computer. She still does not understand them, but she can use them, and that is good enough.

I always giggle, because when she refers to Google, she calls it Goggle. "I need to get on Goggle here..." It makes me chuckle every time she says it. I've corrected her, but she doesn't care.

Anyone need anything Goggled?


Mar. 27th, 2008 01:24 pm
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The past hour has just been frustrating. I had a student, N, who needed help with Business Finance. To take busines finance, you have to have had accounting I and II. Business finance is basically a review of accounting II, from more of a managers outlook. The formulas and processes are the same.

N was in here 2-3 weeks ago working on what she told us was homework(she lied), it turned out to be a take home test. We cannot help on tests, but the teacher did not even put the word TEST on the test, so there was no way to know that it was a test. Ugg.

Anyway, the director here went and talked to him about it, because he's new to teaching. So now he has scared everyone away from coming to get tutoring, which is not good. But N keeps coming.

She asked me today to explain the terms sunk costs and opportunity costs to her. So I did. Later, when I had to look over her shoulder at another question she had, written down for her answers were the exact same words I had spoken. Ugg.

I feel used. I don't mind helping N with questions, or explaining things she might not understand. But N comes in here and rushes through her homework, trying to get it done as fast as she can. Many of the answers are there if you READ the chapter. All of this material is stuff that she had in the previous accounting class.

Stick a fork in me, I am done.

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