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I saw them in Greensboro last night.

They were teh awesome!!!!!!!eleventy-one!!!
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If you love Mozart (and Amadeus, the movie) you will love their song Queen of the Winter Night. Just sayin'...


Oct. 30th, 2007 09:37 am
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I love the iTunes so much... It is just so handy! They finally just got in the extended cd of Celtic Woman: A New Journey. That is one of my favorite cds, and when I bought the cd at Best Buy, I didn't realize it was missing a few songs from the show I saw on PBS during begging week. Well, iTunes has finally put out 5 of the extended version songs, so I am a happy woman now. They all have just beautiful voices...

I just realized that Winter Soltice is just over a month away, and I have not started on clothes for the hubbins and I. I need to get going on that this weekend, between helping out the Piedmont Players with their costumes...

Well, my dining room table is cleared off, so that means time to junk it out with sewing, I guess...

Oh, and Geoff got us tickets to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra this December in Greensboro, Yay! That will be fun!

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