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I've got to rant, for a moment, about MySpace. I do not have a MySpace account, nor have I ever been to the webpage, yet I hear about it constantly from our local nightly news to the national news shows.

Parents, listen up!!

It is YOUR job to see what info your child puts up on the web about themselves. It is YOUR JOB as a PARENT to limit and watch over your child's shoulder as they surf the world wide web. It is not MySpace's fault that YOUR child does not have enough COMMON SENSE to realize that there are bad people out there and that maybe posting where you live, including your school schedule, might be a BAD THING TO DO.

PARENTS, warn your children there are bad strangers on the internet, just like there can be at the mall, or at a state faire, or at the grocery store.

I am so tired of hearing about how MySpace makes it easier for predator to attack children. Why don't you PAY ATTENTION to what your kids are doing, PARENTS?????

I feel better now.

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