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I had THE CRUD last week. THE CRUD consisted of stuffed sinuses, green junk in the nose and lungs, and a nice, hacking cough. It was bad. I was sorry to miss Chansons de Sacred Stone, the baronial business meeting and the canton business meeting, but you didn't want me there. Really. I missed a class Thursday and a meeting with the dean, with whom I had left a VM that I was sick and needed to cancel. She replied back saying she was scared to call me, as she was afraid she would catch it over the phone I sounded so bad.

So I basically lost a week there. I laid on the couch and played WoW.

Today was my first day back at RCCC. I had to help a student connect to blackboard and his email this morning - it took us an hour and change. Why this student has not yet had the mandatory computer class I do not know. You are supposed to have to take it the first or second semester you are there. I'm wondering if they are still testing you on this when you take your entrance tests. They were...

My boss wants me to crawl around and plug in some new calculators we got. She's less flexible than me, so I'm the plug / cord monkey.

Tonight I am in my Visual Basic class. I have had the Java class, and the eCommerce class, so this is just the same. Just different syntax. But, since I am taking this course out of order (I should have taken this one first), he is going much slower than I need. So I have some down time...

Which means I can update LJ!
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CoH's Servers are down! I'm melting, melting......


In other news, I made it back to school today. Feeling pretty good for the most part. Got some more erotica books in the mail (fiction, by Emma Holly). Sitting here watching the Dead Things, er, Red Wings play against the San Jose Sharks. Tied at the moment. 2 players got pucks to the face tonight. Ow.

Still have the bruise form hell on my arm, from the student plebotomist last Monday. I know they have to learn somewhere though.

Big SCA event in the works in this area. Not really involved with it, but it does sound neat. We'll see how it turns out.

I haven't done much with the SCA much lately - been too busy. Haven't wanted to do much either. Slightly tired of the politics. There's not too much politic stuff lately, I just think I am worn out.

School's going well, although I am having a hard time coming up with an argumentative paper topic. None of the samples the book lists are anything that I feel strongly about, one way or another. Any ideas?

wh00t!!!!! Red Wing's won!
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Geoff is reading my English comparison paper. I am comparing the sexuality of Ancient Rome with the sexuality of Medieval Italy. I figure doing this comparison paper will maybe get me off my butt to do the research paper.

We're having a canton business meeting Sunday. It's time, and I will make time in my schedule.

I cut myself shaving. The corner of my mouth. See, I'm Italian. We get mustaches sometimes. Mine is pretty light, but you can see it up close, and that bugs me. I won't wax it, because it hurts bad enough when I get my eyebrows done. I guess I am lucky because I don't get any 5 o'clock shadow, it just quietly grows back in. But I make some awesome pasta, and have array of hand gestures. :)

Next Monday, Packers vs. Panthers. Two of my favorite teams.

Gotta go correct my paper!

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