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First off, a quick thanks to [livejournal.com profile] tashamcgann for turning me on to Lily Allen. Love the music!

Now the update:

Work has been busy, but not too bad overall. My boss held a meeting today and acted like someone had shoved a pine cone up his butt. Not sure who shoved it in, but they need to pull it back out.

I got two new work tops from QVC. I loves the QVC. My laptop died again. I will never ever by an HP laptop again. Stupid HP.

On and schools on Spring Break. wh00t! I would flash my boob and get hammered drunk, but I am too tired from working a bunch...

I had to get a crown on another tooth yesterday, which was not very fun, except for the ativan (relaxers). I did the drunk walk out of the dentists office. Heck, I had to take them while I was still at work, so I did the drunk walk out of the office and into the dentists.

St. Urho's Tourney is next weekend, hurrah! It will probably be the only SCA event I get to until school is over, so here's to some fun!

This summer I am hopeful that I will get my Mary Tudor dress done.
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Yay! I got my laptop back today from HP. Looks like they had to replace the system board. I am so happy to have it back. Now is the long process of reinstalling/copying everything back over...

On a bad note, my Nanna is at the hospital right now. She's been having problems breathing for about 2 weeks now, and finally let Mom take her to the doc, who called for an ambulance, cause she's in heart failure again from not taking her diuretics. Ugh.

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