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While interning seemed like a good idea at the time, it's been crazy. Whenever I have to go into work, Geoff has to work from home to watch the boys, because we can't afford to pay for summer camp at $150 a week, with me getting paid nothing. Oh, and I hate Creative Solution Accounting, specifically the Financial Statement Module. It is teh program from hell. I want to wring the necks of the people who wrote it. No other program (Quickbooks or Peachtree for example) will let the balance sheet be unbalanced. But CSA will!! I also feel like an outsider still at the office. A lot of the women at the office go out to lunch, and I never get invited along. I don't know if it is because I am working on a special project and have no interaction with them, or if I am too new still, or what. But it's kinda lonely. And I don't want to go, "Hey, can I have lunch with you?" if they really don't want me there, you know? They are all very nice people.

SCA, haven't done much with that in a long while. I am making a Tudor dress, based off of Mary I. But I need to order fabric, and don't have any $$$ to do so. In fact, my lj account expired, and I can't renew that until next Friday...

But I did dye my hair a dark brown and get it trimmed.

So far I have been on two legal mediations for my homeowners association. What a pain! I got elected secretary earlier this month, and I've had to prepare and send out 3 letters, and call everyone once.

And I have a meeting at school tomorrow for Student Government.

Shoot me now, please...

Where's my summer?

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