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I got put into the hospital Wednesday afternoon for observation as I was running a fever. My stone might have blocked that kidney off from the bladder, causing an infection, a very bad one. When I left my Dr.'s office, my temp was 100.5, by the time I was admitted, it was up to 102.9. The nurses did not tell my doc about my temp going up. I was severely dehydrated from the night before, vomiting and diarrhea, and they could not get a vein to start an IV. They gave me tylenol by mouth, and I was allowed some Sprite. My husband ran into doc and told him about my fever spike. Doc rushed me into OR. Doc was pissed at the nurses (not sure it's all their fault). Doc put in a stint to push the stone back into my kidney and unblock my urine. After recovery room, different nurses took over an hour to get me a cup of ice. Nurses kept forgetting about me, one had to empty my catheter bag 2 times because it was full to the brim and so was my bladder. It was not a fun experience, being alone without someone to make sure I was being checked on. Vitals were taken every 4 hours. Hubby was home with the kids, Mom and Dad couldn't get down here because of the ice. I was so scared the whole time.

Once the infection goes away, I will be going back in the hospital to get the stone broken up by laser. I will be in overnight again.

I came home yesterday afternoon. I am hurty and tired. My throat hurts from the intubation during surgery. This was so not fun and so very scary. I was so scared.

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