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Well, yesterday Mom and I went to the spa (for some reason, I think of the movie Amadeus when I say spa) and had their day of beauty. We each got a facial, massage, manicure, pedicure, and lunch. It was very lovely. We decided we needed to do that more often. I know I tend to be so busy that I hardly ever take time for myself. I feel very relaxed today.

Today we hung pictures that I had gotten from my Nanna's house. Most are family photos, but it really made a difference in the house having pictures on the wall. It feels good.

Geoff is going on the China trip with me. That is going to be fun. He is eligible because he is my spouse, so this will kind of be a belated honeymoon. We never really had one...

I will probably write more tomorrow, but for now I am going to watch some mind numbing TV...
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While interning seemed like a good idea at the time, it's been crazy. Whenever I have to go into work, Geoff has to work from home to watch the boys, because we can't afford to pay for summer camp at $150 a week, with me getting paid nothing. Oh, and I hate Creative Solution Accounting, specifically the Financial Statement Module. It is teh program from hell. I want to wring the necks of the people who wrote it. No other program (Quickbooks or Peachtree for example) will let the balance sheet be unbalanced. But CSA will!! I also feel like an outsider still at the office. A lot of the women at the office go out to lunch, and I never get invited along. I don't know if it is because I am working on a special project and have no interaction with them, or if I am too new still, or what. But it's kinda lonely. And I don't want to go, "Hey, can I have lunch with you?" if they really don't want me there, you know? They are all very nice people.

SCA, haven't done much with that in a long while. I am making a Tudor dress, based off of Mary I. But I need to order fabric, and don't have any $$$ to do so. In fact, my lj account expired, and I can't renew that until next Friday...

But I did dye my hair a dark brown and get it trimmed.

So far I have been on two legal mediations for my homeowners association. What a pain! I got elected secretary earlier this month, and I've had to prepare and send out 3 letters, and call everyone once.

And I have a meeting at school tomorrow for Student Government.

Shoot me now, please...

Where's my summer?

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