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My doctor laid my first born next to me after my c-section. He had settled down, no crying. I got my first good look at him then, as my contacts were out. He was so small and sweet, and had that baby smell about him. When they wheeled me back into the room, mom wanted to see him, but didn't realize that he was next to me. I don't remember her taking him, as I passed out shortly thereafter.

I've seen David through his terrible two's, his broken wrist, learning to ride his bike, losing his first tooth. My baby turned 8 yesterday. He's growing up fast.

We took him and Alex and my parents to the Lazy 5 Ranch yesterday. We all had a good time, except it was really hot. A giraffe drooled in my hair, and all our hands were covered in yak/cow/water buffalo/llama spit.

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